Advertising network on the waves

On the I posted a map that consists of 6372 points. Each point is a link to someone’s project. Anyone can place their own ads. Also, each point is a single token that can be bought or sold on the exchange.

I imagine this as an advertising crypto geo network where every ad space will be tokenized. You buy an ad space at a fixed price and it is yours until someone else wants to buy it from you at the same or higher price.

After reselling an ad space, both the owner of the advertising network and each previous owner receive a profit.

The is an example and description of an idea, but it is also a place where you can buy ads and get a .BTE token.

In order for the ad to work, you need to be seen, people visit the site, and search engines find it. This will have to be worked on, if such an idea makes sense.

What do you think about such an idea and will you buy such ads on my site or if Google offers you such a scheme? Is it possible to develop such an idea on the waves platform and sell it to a large company?

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