AIPCOIN Азиатский Инвестиционный Проект

Hello. I am Dmitry Shevelev - the creator of the concept of the International Logistics Project. The project to create retail outlets in China provides duty free trade to organize the supply of goods from Russia and Europe.
In China, there is a good demand for quality products and very often there are no direct suppliers of the right products. This is a unique niche for business.
To create a trading company, I created the AIPCOIN token,
ID coins on the Waves 4S7P2jG6s5dvkg9coTqoqKekTDe7ssv5UryAzikgbV7W platform.

A formal smart contract will soon be created, under which AIPCOIN owners will receive a monthly dividend in Waves from the coin maker and project initiator, and a corresponding contract will be created to reward AIPCOIN holders.

Payments will begin when investors will buy out 45% of coins, the amount of charges from 0.01 Waves for 1 AIPCOIN in the first month and up to 0.5 Waves, with a step of increasing the monthly premium of 0.01 Waves.
In the case of a sharp rise in the cost of cryptocurrency, the contract will provide for a regulatory mechanism with a fixed income, with a permissible income of no more than 5% per year from previous values, in order to avoid default.

Under the contract, the bonus wallet for paying dividends will be replenished by the amount required for payments to investors and + 5%, it will be tied to the main current wallet AIPCOIN, which will become an independent network node.

Received from the sale of tokens, Waves and other coins, will be gradually changed to fiat money to finance a project to open sales offices and outlets in Chinese duty-free zones.

25% of the profits from the business will be converted into Waves to secure commitments on AIPCOIN and to fill the Waves platform with liquidity. These intentions will be made legally.

All risks of the project will be insured, insurance payments, in case of default, will be distributed among investors - AIPCOIN holders.

Everything is ready to discuss the project.
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здраствуйте. скажите будет ли айдроп ?

Мне нужна помощь в написании смарт контрактов для проекта и инструкция по их подключению и внедрению

At all not understandable that the author here wants.
It has always been so if idrop is started, the coins are immediately sold and bought respectively.
I, for example, also created a token, distribution is not wire just for the reasons that the one who gets a freebie, as a rule, it does not appreciate and merges at a price at which you can drain, even if it’s a penny.

then why give it to beggars?
you really don’t know what you’re doing.
with a free distribution, where do investors come from?
investors should want to buy tokens and buying thereby invest in your project, a besplnaya distribution can attract maximum traders who will be interested in trading your crypt and only, well, freebies (rightfully so called and not beggars, no one asked you, they offered).

I also have my own tokens, I am not going to distribute them for this reason, there will be those who want to invest, can buy them on the exchange now or directly from me for Fiat money.

and stop writing about deleting posts.
you forget you are in an open forum where everyone has the right to Express their opinion on any topic and to ask questions. Go to my threads and do the same, I will be glad to discuss the project

Not. It does not lead to anything good.