Airdrop and taxed transaction wallet and token

Hi Guys/gals I am looking to create the following project and is looking for help as I am not a programmer.

Pretaxed transaction wallet and coin, with a monthly airdrop of the same coin to all active wallets.

Pretax transaction wallet.
THe wallet needs to split each send transaction as follows. 85% of transaction value on send goes to a nominated address and 15% to the tax wallet address. Tax-wallet address is constant in all wallets…
THe 15% value must be editable. If more or less tax is needed I need to change the tax % in the future.

An airdrop script that will drop tokens monthly to all active addresses.
Airdrop amount needs to be editable.
Airdrop date can be fixed/constant.

PLease contact me if you are interested in working on this project

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