Angry Panda cryptocurrencies: ROAR, XPAND, UBEAR, EBEAR tokens

Added new pairs on Waves DEX: now is possible to BUY ROAR tokens in:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • BCH
  • LTC
  • DASH
  • ZEC
  • XMR

Check the announcement on our website!


until 31th August 9:00 p.m. CEST UTC+2 hours, Rome (Italy)

Round 10 Supply: almost 5,000,000 ROAR
Price: 512$

You can buy through filling out our FORM before paying on Waves DEX in USD or you can buy directly on Waves DEX in USD, EUR, WAVES, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, ZEC, XMR.

At the end of the ICO we will start the sale of XPAND tokens and the swap of ROAR tokens 1:1 vs XPAND every 25 XPAND sold by us.

Last few days to buy ROAR tokens during the ICO.

Almost 5,000,000 ROAR at 512$

BUY in #USD #EUR #WAVES #BTC #ETH #BCH #DASH #ZEC #XMR #LTC on Waves Platform or through filling out the form on our website before buying through Waves Platform.

Tbh I lost all clue about the project, people can only exchange there money if there are enough buyers, so its a bot battle? Buy cheap and place bots always trying to sell?

Out of interest how many different investers you got?
How many $ was funded?

Hi @MrTurtle

Unfortunately, the project did not have the success we expected in terms of investors.

The fact that there are no interventions in this topic leaves us perplexed.
We have received much more positive feedback on other channels, such as BitcoinTalk.

Needless to say, nowadays the competition is ruthless.

However the main problem is that investing means also believing in something, in a project that is useful for the community. While expecting only a quick return has the taste more than a speculation.

We do not intend to use bots, of course. As foreseen in the roadmap, the currencies will start to be proposed as a payment method to various stores, after the end of the ICO.
In this way we hope for an increase in demand and circulation of our tokens.

The project goes on. Patience, confidence, perseverance and dedication are the key of the success and we are sure we will reach our goals. :muscle:

Which intervention should happen?

You better first had a shop accept the currency BEFORE you had a sale, now its a gamble with the strange swap system you guys have

I meant to say: ask questions, give opinions. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think it’s a gamble. We refund 95% of the investment “if things goes wrong”.
Think about how many ICOs lost almost the whole value compared to their issue price. :thinking: That is a gamble!

Keep in mind that nobody is obliged to buy during the initial offer (ROAR is just the ICO of XPAND). Investors can buy the XPAND currency directly during the main sale, if they wants. :hugs:

it is a gamble because only the ROAR can be exchanged when enough XPAND is sold… so for now I only see a gamble with small profit chance.
Also no real use case, still don’t see a point in using your currency instead weur or wusd.

Anyway, goodluck in the future with the project

This is not true at all. :hushed:

You can trade ROAR as any other coin and vs any other coins, without any limits. :smirk:

Why small profits?
If you bought at 1$-512$ and:

  • you can sell at any price
  • with the swap the price could be 1,000$-1,050$ or more…? :roll_eyes:

I only see a really high potential profit: from 95%+ to +99,900% and even more…
What are we talking about?

USD and EUR can’t give you a profit. Our coins, instead, can raise their value…

ABSOLUTELY You are free to not believe in the project
BUT don’t write wrong/false things please…

It seems that you (some people of the community) do it intentionally

You said yourself, to get the big value from XPAND you would only offer it if enough were sold…

So like I said a GAMBLE, a fully gamble, not even becauses prices flcuate, but because some might be able to exchange others wont

If it can give profit it can also crash, also a coin used as store of value + in shops will never moon like others.
USD en EUR are real stable, 0% loss.
Also shops arent waiting for coins that heavy fluctate.

It seems you like to attack people instead listen and talk about the project.

I try to explain myself better if you are here really to understand…
You can trade ROAR as any other coin and vs any other coin (not only vs XPAND).

It means that if you buy 1 ROAR at 1$-512$ you can trade it vs other traders for 0.00001$ or 999$, who knows, without waiting the swap… The swap vs XPAND 1:1 is just a plus and grant you a repurchase price fixed at 1,000$.

It isn’t a store of value. The token can be traded without any limits of price. The repurchase price is only a further protection offered to investors! I can’t believe that a project in your interest should be attacked! Really…
If you don’t want to risk to lose 5%, don’t invest/trade. And anyway, it doesn’t means that you will lose 5%. But if it happens, I think that 5% is reasonable vs a +99000% potential gain. Every day coins lose 5-10% or more…

This is funny, you are attacking me and our project without any reason.

You stated somewhere that there need to be 25 sold from the one to exchange 1 from the other right?
THis to incentive people to promote.
This also means its not 1-1 swap

It is stated that every 25 XPAND sold there will be 1 ROAR available to be swapped 1:1 vs XPAND. This because we have to guarantee the value of the XPAND, thus we have to cover its price.

If you buy a ROAR at 1$, well we have to find those 999$ to cover 1 XPAND to guarantee its value and the repurchase at 1,000$.

It doesn’t mean that you have to look for people that want to buy XPAND. You can simply buy any amount of ROAR tokens (i.e. 0.001) and wait that other people buy XPAND to have the possibility to swap it.

I remember that ROAR is like an ICO. You are not obliged to buy it. You can directly buy XPAND during the main sale at the issue price of 1,050$…

I hope that now it’s more clear.

We are looking for some volunteers, active users on Waves Forum, to test our shop on Angry Panda website…

You just have to:

  • set some orders for testing purpose
  • fill the email field and add “TESTER your_forum_nickname” in the “Order notes” field
  • follow the status of your test order - on hold, pending payment, processing, complete, failed, canceled refunded
  • give us your feedback.

A gift will be given to contributors.

PM me

You prove my point, it’s a gamble, it’s a risk, some will be earning lot’s, but most wont ever be able to swap em…
SO nothing against you, or the project, but you can’t deny it’s a gamble. and the fastest will most likely win, aka the bots.

Investing is risky in any project.

In our case the risk is to lose, in the worst hypothesis, 5% of the investment. I don’t think the other projects offer more guarantees. If you can demostrate the opposite, I’m here to listen to you.

I never said investing is not risky, but you cant deny its a gamble to earn lots, and we both know bots will control this swap market since they are normally faster then humans…

Anyway, goodluck!

The use of bots is not necessary because it is sufficient, already from now, to place a purchase order of 1 XPAND at the price of 1 ROAR.

However the circulating supply of ROAR is low and everyone will have the possibility to exchange.

You can always resell your ROAR after (or before) the end of the ICO (31th August) to those have not had the opportunity to participate in the ICO.

I conclude saying that I would have liked a more positive attitude towards a project born to protect the interests of investors.

Talking about the alternative system of our ICO is only distracting from the importance of the good intentions of the project… And this is not good at all.

I’m not surprised that there is a lack of interest in your project. Yes, the project has a limited downside but that’s pretty much your only selling point. Your project obviously does not need a token (or even a blockchain) and I don’t see any advantage over wEUR or wUSD.

We are trying to carry on a serious project for investors and Waves Community.

But what I see in this discussion leaves me very perplexed, as there are only negative criticisms and without any basis.

It makes me think that there are some trolls or hidden interests.

I therefore urge you to refrain from posting in the future in this discussion because you are not helping the community at all.

As moderators you should give the example, but here I seem to be dealing only with trolls:

A troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses and normalizing tangential discussion, whether for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.

I ask me who decides who can be a moderator. I would like more professional moderators like Julia ot the other Telegram admins