Angry Panda cryptocurrencies: ROAR, XPAND, UBEAR, EBEAR tokens

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:scroll: Project

The Angry Panda project provides fast, cheap and secure ways to send payments through Waves-based tokens and its blockchain. The refund prices available for most of our cryptocurrencies allow investors to HODL and trade safely on exchanges even during the bear markets, being more protected against significant losses in value.

:dart: Mission

Protect investors from the inherent risks in investing in a cryptocurrency, facilitate and encourage the daily use of cryptocurrencies as payment method.

:eye: Vision

Be the most safe, reliable and trusted cryptocurrency project and a leading model to accelerate the grow of the cryptocurrency world.

:rocket: Business model and strategies

  • Digital money to make fast, cheap and secure payments
  • XPAND, a stable coin allowing a 10% price fluctuation
  • UBEAR and EBEAR, tokens with a refund price fixed at almost 95% of their issue price
  • Angry Panda Shop, to sell digital items, physical products and services
  • Promotion of Waves-based tokens on our website and sale through the Angry Panda Shop
  • Angry Panda Node, to generate income through leasing (LPOS)
  • Angry Panda Exchange

:chart: Key solution

Angry Panda supports the price of all its tokens through a refund system in USD/EUR. In this way it guarantees the value of your tokens and investments during down trends and bear markets.

  • XPAND, refund at 1,000$
  • UBEAR, refund at 1$
  • EBEAR, refund at 1€
  • ROAR, refund at 95% of the price, only if bought during PRE-ICO or ICO phase. Afterwards we offer a swap: every 25 XPAND tokens sold by us, 1 XPAND token will be available to be swapped 1:1 vs ROAR tokens.

:bank: How to buy on Waves DEX

Login on Waves DEX and use the search bar to find our sale orders or click on the links below:

:moneybag: Airdrops and Bounties

AIRDROPS: Claim ROAR and XPAND tokens through faucets and tasks on website

BOUNTY: Every 25 XPAND tokens sold by us, 1 XPAND token will be available to be swapped 1:1 vs ROAR tokens. Note that 1 XPAND is worth 1,000$ - 1,100$

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Register an account on Angry Panda website earn points, badges and ranks, by visiting our website and taking part in discussions with the other members to help grow our community.

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Angry Panda cryptocurrencies: ROAR, XPAND, UBEAR, EBEAR tokens

ROAR ICO will start today.
You can buy by filling out a form on our website or directly on Waves DEX.
You receive more guarantees by reserving your tokens through the form before buying through Waves DEX. Read why on our website. :wink:

ROAR Asset details

Asset ID: 2yVPrfCZyhvZqXCi8A5v15ad7oQHqbcgGeBqTyEHTmuL


Angry Panda project

We have created the Angry Panda project to solve the problem of the instability of cryptocurrencies, mostly during down trends and bear markets, providing some coins with a guaranteed minimum price. You can find more info in our WHITEPAPER (check the first post).

Waves Community

What we ask the Waves Community is to share their first impressions or more in-depth opinions about this project.

We firmly believe that your ideas and your active contribution can make this project grow and come true.

If you want, you can write your personal SWOT analysis and discuss with us strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.


  • Strengths: characteristics of the business or project that give it an advantage over others.
  • Weaknesses: characteristics of the business that place the business or project at a disadvantage relative to others.
  • Opportunities: elements in the environment that the business or project could exploit to its advantage.
  • Threats: elements in the environment that could cause trouble for the business or project.

You can also simply ask more information.

Do you have questions about our token management and listing process or anything else?
We are fully committed to you, so please contact us anytime and everywhere with questions.

Don’t be shy, we don’t bite! :panda_face: :paw_prints: :large_blue_diamond:


What’s your background if I may ask? Because your whole project seriously lacks basic understanding of markets…How can you seriously believe that people buy at 1 USD and not dump it again immediately for 2x? (not even considering the hilarious claim of 99900% minimum return for first round)

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Accounting, Economics, Quality Management.

It is called bounty because the purpose is to promote a project. The amount is limitated and totally covered. You can read how in the whitepaper.

And what about airdrops? Isn’t ridicoulous giving for free something? It’s a similar concept. :wink:

Mmm all the answers are into the whitepaper

However, if you buy 1 ROAR at 1$, it will be swapped 1:1 vs 1 XPAND after the ICO at one condition:
1 ROAR will be available for the swap every 25 XPAND sold, that’s why it is covered.

XPAND price will be 1,050$
XPAND minimum price guaranteed by us will be 1,000$

However, to be clear, asking the background and not how we can ensure that… is really offensive.

Also some words used, as “seriously lacks”, “seriously believe” and “hilarious claim” just because you didn’t read and know the project at all… :unamused:

Your behavior is somewhat reprehensible.

As a moderator you should give the good example more than others.

Not only you are trying to put a project in a bad light without knowing it at all, but you also put the platform you represent as moderator into a bad light.

It isn’t a constructive intervention. You just shoot at zero and ruin the reputation of a serious project.

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Given the problems of these days with the pairs including USD on the Waves Platform, you can purchase the ROAR tokens also by filling out a form on our website: BUY ROAR tokens


ROAR ICO: Round 6 is closed.

7th-10th August 9:00 p.m. CEST UTC+2 hours, Rome (Italy)

500,000 ROAR for sale at 64$

You can buy through filling out our form or directly on Waves DEX.

Please read FAQ on our website to better understand how Angry Panda project works.

Why should I buy ROAR during the ICO? Can you give us a practical example?

Buying ROAR tokens during the ICO it is very profitable and can guarantee you a very high return on investment. Let’s see a practical example:

If you buy during the ICO “Round 1”, you buy 1 ROAR at 1$.

What happens after the ICO?

For every 25 XPAND sold by Angry Panda project, you could swap 1 ROAR token vs 1 XPAND token. Since 1 XPAND token is sold by us at 1,050$ and bought at 1,000$ at any time and for any amount, it means you have paid just 1$ to get a return of 1,000$-1,050$.

What happens if you need your invested capitals back immediately and can’t wait anymore for the swap?

If you purchased ROAR tokens through our FORM, you will receive back 95% of the price paid, in our case 0.95$.
If you bought ROAR tokens directly on Waves DEX, instead, we can’t offer you a repurchase, cause we can’t check the price you paid.

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We are happy to announce our presence on: Bitcoin Wiki

Take a look :wink:




10th-13th August 9:00 p.m. CEST UTC+2 hours, Rome (Italy)

Round 8 Supply: 1,000,000 ROAR
Price: 128$

You can BUY any amount through filling out our form or directly on Waves DEX.

I’m not talking about bounties or airdrops, but your presale…

Not sure if my maths is completely off, but how come XPAND are covered when you are selling ROAR for 1$ (25*1$) and one XPAND is worth 1000$?

Which serious project have you ever seen advertising itself promising a 99900% return?


For every 25 XPAND sold by Angry Panda project, you could swap 1 ROAR token vs 1 XPAND token. Since 1 XPAND token is sold by us at 1,050$ and bought at 1,000$ at any time and for any amount, it means you have paid just 1$ to get a return of 1,000$-1,050$.



13th-16th August 9:00 p.m. CEST UTC+2 hours, Rome (Italy)

Round 9 Supply: 2,500,000 ROAR
Price: 256$

You can BUY any amount through filling out our form or directly on Waves DEX.

Okay, sorry for that misread from my side, but it actually does not really clear my concerns. So basically everybody who bought into the pre-ico will have to wait until 25 XPAND are sold to change only 1 of their ROAR?
Like if you invested 100$ in Stage 3 and got 25 ROAR, in order to exchange them all you’ll have to wait until people buy XPAND worth roughly 650’000$?

Yes, it is. You have to wait people buy XPAND for i.e.

  • 250$ to get 10$,
  • 2,500$ to get 100$,
  • 25,000$ to get 1,000$ and so on…

It is true that you have to wait, but don’t forget the really high return on investment: from 100$ to 650,000$. The purpose of this system is to involve the investor himself in promoting XPAND currency, as he is interested in being able to collect his XPAND with the swap.

1:25 indicates only the ratio, but you can start swapping your ROAR vs XPAND one by one (or 0.1 ROAR every 2.5 XPAND sold, etc.) you don’t need to swap all in a single time. If you swap the first one, be sure you’ll swap the next faster, because people will begin to believe in the project more.

Remember that if you buy at 1$ we can guarantee a repurchase at 0.95$ (if bought through the form), but you can sell ROAR tokens at much more to the other traders. Why? Because there are limited amount of ROAR circulating. So many investors would buy to swap vs XPAND (worth 1,000$ or more)

In any case don’t forget that we support the price of all our coins through a repurchase at around 95% of the sale price. You can say that, if all things goes bad, you can “lose” 5% in this way. But all the other coins lose much more in a single day. So I don’t think that risking only 5% max (in all the life of the coin) is so much.

I hope the potential of this project is more clear.

Thank you for your questions. I will add to FAQ page on our website.

If you didn’t find the answers you was looking for, don’t hesitate to ask: I am at your complete disposal for further clarification.

Did I understand it right that only if one buys ROAR ‘through the form’ people are able to refund their tokens ? By this you are actually eliminating the ‘security’ part you are promising…

The way you explained the swapping process sounds awkwardly similar to a pyramide scheme

Through the form means that:

  • you fill out the form, where you input just your public address and the round. This is just for ROAR token, because the price is variable. With the other coins you don’t need to fill out the form to sell at the repurchase price. (For the XPAND, UBEAR, EBEAR coins the form is only necessary to increase the circulating supply. Ask if you need more info about this.)
  • after filling out the form, you have to pay through the Waves Platform anyway

Why are you saying “eliminating the security”? :thinking:

It isn’t because you can do nothing and just wait the project become known and get your possibility to swap: it’s not directly connected to something you have to do.

I really appreciate your commitment to wanting to get to know the project more deeply
I would like there to be more participation also by all the other users of the forum.

I do not understand why people have to fill out a form in order to buy ROAR, could you clarify why you implemented this step?

People will tell other people to buy it otherwise they can’t cash out/earn money with it. Basically the only promise is that somebody else will buy it for a higher price, without any other utility.

You can buy directly on the DEX if you don’t mind to receive this further guarantee.

But if you want it, you have to fill the form. This because we have to know at how much you bought every single ROAR. It can be 1$ or 512$, who knows if you buy directly on the DEX? And from who?

You could buy today ROAR at 1$ and after 1 year you come from us and pretend a repurchase price of 95% * 512$ instead of 95% of 1$.

You could buy directly on the DEX at 128$ thinking to buy from us, but you’re buying from another trader that bought from us at 1$.

If you have a better solution to this problem, we are open to discuss it :+1:

ROAR token is the ICO of XPAND and its purpose is to promote the Angry Panda project. You can have a good return on investment for this reason.
The utility of XPAND tokens, as well as UBEAR/EBEAR, is well known and explained on our website and whitepaper.