[ANN] A stablecoin on waves platform:DISV

Hello to the waves community!
A new token have been issued with the purpose to be a nice tool for the waves users: a stablecoin called DISV (DIgitalStoreofValue).
A token sale will start soon, but before thinking to invest or avoid it, take your time to carefully read all the information about this project by visiting our website at https://digitalstoreofvalue.com
Every comment or advice will be appreciated.
Thank you!

Token sale is started! Visit our website at https://digitalstoreofvalue.com !

One week left!!!
Hurry up!!!

lack of information (team, roadmap, etc) on the website. Looks like it is scam (

You’re right, but when Satoshi Nakamoto launched bitcoin no one care about the team, still none care about who really he is. He create something that could change the world without a team rich of important names or a precise roadmap. We look a lot of website of new token, few ideas behind it, lots of name no one knows, and websites so amazing that people were attracted because they are so fascinating. If you really read what is written in the website you can understand it’s not a scam, we also give all the information of the token sale at the end of the webpage, asking people to read entirely what is this project about before investing on it. We know people love pre-formatted template with beautiful appearence and all the scheme seen million times, but we don’t care about it, we think the idea behind this project is more important. We also don’t promise any kind of income, if this would be a scam it was easily for us to sell 1 DISV at 0.01 dollar, so people were attracted by the big possibility of revenue. We care people, we don’t want to steal money to anyone. If you like our project you can help. We hope you’ll change your idea after these word.
Thank you for your reply!

:joy::joy::joy: Satoshi didn’t sell bitcoin, if you want to sell your tokens you have to deal with some important things. Yes most of people invest in good looking interface and this doesn’t mean they are all scammers. It is just marketing who really understand the psychology. It is weird because it was very easy to create a good looking UI with joomla :smile:
Btw, are you serious? comparing yourself with Satoshi? :hugs::stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so you invest in good looking websites… it’s your choice. Hope only you’ll read the content and the ideas behind the projects. We know i’s marketing but we think substance is more important than appearance. We know how to create a good appearance websites but we made it this way to make people concentrated on concepts and not to be distracted by graphical.
Satoshi didn’t sell bitcoin but it become take advantage of its invention with premine.
We don’t think to be at level of Satoshi, it is a genius, but he didn’t make a good appearance website to sponsored its project.
Maybe you are right, our project will fail because we make a poor psychological marketing, but we believe in it.
Not everything is a scam, not everyone want to become rich at the expenses of someone else.
I know it’s difficult to believe, and we don’t want to convince you, it’s up to you.
But we like your comments, they will help us to change what we made wrong.
In the first post we ask your advice, so thank you!

yes sure, you know how to build a website with joomla web content manager :joy: go away scammers. or wait I will create a stable coin and make the price equal to the 1 usd. would you like to buy it? :joy::joy:

Sorry, maybe you prefer wordpress or other CMS?