[ANN] BeeMedics - Give Billions of people the chance to access good healthcare

The truth is that healthcare records actually suck, and as much as you have heard that Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, hundreds of startups and most hospitals claim they are developing something or claiming they already have one, you and your close circle don’t own your information. So we developed BeeMedics.

Blockchain based Infrastructure and Platform where every single person and healthcare providers (service & product) can work and interact with each other, based on a smart system that connects the users with information and the community.

Main Areas of Development.

⁃ Social Network

⁃ Provider Working Platform

⁃ Records

⁃ Publishing System

⁃ Healthcare Databases

We are certainly not the kings of social media but we have deep knowledge of what we are doing, we have been doing it for a very long time even before the crypto boom, we know what we are talking about and how to bring it to every person in the planet.

Check out our documents and videos.

Website: www.beemedics.com

Video: https://youtu.be/A39NkkfAK8A

White paper: https://beemedics.com/archivos/WhitepaperBeeMedics.pdf

The Riddle

In our Bitcointalk post there is a Riddle, solve it send us the answer. If you are one of the first 500 people that answers it correctly you will receive 200.000 BEEM equivalent to USD 1000.

Bitcoin Talk


Transparency Statement

  • No paid likes, followers or shares.

  • No paid media attention.

  • No bounty campaigns.

  • No shady terms.

  • No hidden conditions.

  • Just 2 Riddles and Healthcare as it should be.

I wish there will be more projects like this as we still have this problems in 21st century and that’s really a shame. It’s either absolutely unavailable or prices are not affordable for most people in some areas. Nowadays,even finding a decent dental service like Faith dental clinic review is like a little miracle and you pray for it not to disappear

Thank you for the kind words! Access to healthcare is one of the biggest problems in the world.We are changing that.

We postponed the sale because we found investors and are running the alpha version. It has not been an easy process but we believe that every patient should own their information and that it should be available for them.

We are getting there!