[ANN] Decentralized Free Token | Start your Cryptocurrency journey with low risk

Decentralized Free Token Is An Assets Created on Waves Platform for Every People to Start their Crypto Journey with low risk.

Name: DFree Token
Decimal: 8
Max. Supply: Infinite
Asset ID: BUJJ8VGfF6N2wrtgsTQi5ToS6uDodUC4JstSy1DVMFdP
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VesTallyToken(VTT) is a deflationary token designed to become scarcer over time. Holders of VTT have exclusive weighted voting rights which will determine the course of action for proposal strategies and charitable initiatives. Weighted blockchain voting gives holders a voice in the development of VTT. Honest liquidity pool distribution, transparent smart contract functionality, rewarding tokenomics, and token governance make VTT the ideal token to buy, hold, trade, and utilize during 2022 and on.

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