[ANN] Ekodium coin~POS~New! Airdrop!

Hi, I’m ekodium! I use POS my emission 1 300 000 000 ekodium!!!
“I was created by Amosov Alexey as a free transaction to pay for transactions in the waves blockchain according to the main project (Ekd27), I sponsor and sponsor transactions, why he did it, I do not know”
"it was Probably a joke, but nevertheless I work and pay for transactions to other participants of the waves blockchain!»



Will be ready soon!

You can download the wallet here:

Online wallet:


Mac Os:


You can exchange or buy me here:



Specification of the coin:

Work: POS
Issue: 1 300 000 000 ekodium
Blockchain: waves
Inflation: 1 time per year (random number)





Other language:

Chinese: coming soon
Russian: coming soon

Team ekodium (Ekd27):

Creator of the project, CEO: Amosov Alexey Sergeevich
[email protected]

Design, community and my life: Amosova Anna Victorovna
[email protected]

Editors and copywriters: Law firm Benefit, director Barmin Maksim
[email protected], [email protected]

Professionals, innovators, creators of the new - we are a team!



-------------------------------------------------- Questions and answers:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to mine coins: (mining)

  1. Download and install the wallet.

  2. Get ekodium in the free distribution link to the forum:https://forum.wavesplatform.com/ or buy them on the exchange: https://wavesplatform.com

  3. Send the number of coins you want to participate in the mining to the billing wallet: 3pnwadquhcrmlxq82tejxtndmlgtklbmt7. After 1-3 days get 0.5% of your investment in the form of dividends to your wallet every day. The return on your investment at the same time be 200 days.

  4. To track the status of overall balance and transaction billing wallet at: https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PNwADQuhcrMLxQq82TeJXtndmLGTkLBmt7

-------------------------------------------------Why would I?(sponsor)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sponsorship -  the cost of 1 transaction fee in the waves blockchain for Waves, Bitcoin, Ethereum, US Dollar, Euro, Litecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, TRY, DASH, Monero and Ekd27 transactions is 0.001 Waves, which is equivalent at the rate of 27.01.19 ~0.00268$, using ekodium you get a Commission of 0.00100$ and below just choose this coin when sending your transactions.

How are secured the coin ekodium = 0,001$ Huh (stable exchange rate)

The coin secured a firm order is on the stock exchange of approximately 1 000 000 000 ekodium price 0,00100$. The remaining 300 000 000 ekodium coins are used for mining.

What other benefits have ekodium in addition to the sponsorship? (low oscillation)

When sharing your scriptactive on ekodium and committing further transactions to your recipient, get a coin with a low level of vibrations, because the course provided a firm order with a gross amount ekodium of the entire blockchain waves.

What will happen if in solid order and billing wallet for mining will end coins ekodium? (inflation)

Inflation will occur, an additional issue of coins will be added to replenish these balances, according to theoretical calculations, it should occur at least once a year.

How it will provide sponsorship in the blockchain waves coin ekodium? (ekd27)

In this direction, according to the white paper (postulate) from the project Ekd27– 700 000 000 000 Ekd27.

A good mining! WELCOME!


Good day! The distribution of the coins has begun and goes until February 28! Send your wallets, give away 3 coins!!!

Hi. please tell me if there is somewhere to get your coins ?

send your waves address here and we will send you 3 ekodium or you can buy them on the exchange wavesplatform.com

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