[ANN] FUNE ~ Public Funeral Home (Recommended)

Hello everyone,
My name is Raúl Rodríguez and I want to present my project.

Public Funeral Home, the funeral home made by the people for the people.

It is a crowdlending campaign in which people can acquire shares of the company that I want to mount:
A network of chain and funeral franchises, with the installation of funeral homes, funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries in Spain.

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Token Details:

Token Symbol: FUNE

Platform: Waves

Hash: 7oU52FpTiDY9HT1BeimRPKfrJMR91EcuE2aU1HHFXrjd

1 FUNE = 1 participation in the company.

It can also be used as payment currency, for the payment of any of our services.

We will ALWAYS exchange your FUNE for Euros, Dollar, BTC, ETH or WAVES or for the purchase of any of our products and services.

Become a Shareholder
Get shares of the company and become an owner and thus be part of what claims to be the largest funeral group in history.

Objective: Create a network of funeral homes, funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries, as large as possible.

Through own funeral homes and through the franchisee of the business.

We perform all kinds of services: Burials, incinerations, transfers, embalming, tanatopraxia, floral arrangements …

More immediate objectives:

Funeral home in Lugo:

funeral home in Oleiros (A Coruña):

Registered Trademark: Funeraria Hermida

As you know, the funeral business moves billions of euros every year, and unfortunately, we all have to die sooner or later.

Feel free to participate in one of the most lucrative and safe businesses.

Feel free to register for Free and get your first 100% Free tokens.

Feel free to purchase tokens through the exchange or by credit card.

Feel free to get referrals and win more shares in the company.

Feel free to ask me what you want.

Raul R.

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