[ANN] Open white office (Ekd27)

How to earn 1 000 000 ekd27 tokens! It’s easy to just open the OPEN WHITE OFFICE, more details can be found here


QUANTITY 1 000 000Ekd27


What is a white open office?

This is the office – room, which shares a network Ekd27 with its members in the framework of a class of postulates QE. This means that anyone who wants or needs an opportunity can visit it to perform professional duties related to their idea or work. Everyone can visit within the established work schedule, get access to a computer, the Internet to work on it and give the opportunity to another person who wants to work on it. In the future, open white office will be upgraded. All provided free of charge, without the personal interests of the members of the network Ekd27.

Why have we opened it?

Sometimes a person needs just a place to implement and develop his idea.

Can I open an open white office?

Any participant can open the open white office, for this there are only 3 criteria: interior decoration should be predominantly white, doors should be open to anyone, should be organized free workplace. (table, chair, computer)

What do I get for this?

You will receive a reward in accordance with the cost of this postulate 1000000Ekd27, Ekd27 network will also pay your additional costs of this room. (rent)

How can I?

Only 4 steps:

1 - Register on the platform: https://wavesplatform.com
2 - Purchase 27 Ekd27 tokens.
3 - Preciselythe them to subapostola 3PAGW5yWUcCBvHiy3dr66g57JtNvyUyZghe.
4 - After opening open white office, post a tweet in your social network. network-proof of event with photos and exact address, write a link in a personal message https://twitter.com/Ekd271/

After receiving this information within 2 days you will be transferred to the sender’s address 1 000 000Ekd27 + 27 Ekd27.

How will other participants know about the opening of open white office in my office?

We will publish this information in the contact section on the website


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