[ANN] [Softlaunch] eFranken.org - Token for Switzerland and the World - Everything sold!

I have launched the eFranken token in 2017, the announcement thread got deleted when the old forum was replaced. I won’t bore you will all the details, just so much:

  • Token for Switzerland and the World
  • One billion token, more can be issued for controlled inflation
  • All eFranken sold. Only my reserve is left. DEX has more from other sellers.

Website (German and English):


I can add more info in this post, if it sparks interest.


Hi I love the eFranken but the problem is the inflation how do you think it will get fix in the future.
I purchase some to make the price go up but Eth/eFranken 0.0089eth. But im guessing there are to many eFranken out there. I like youre project I hope you can fix that problem. I will like to take the time to share my project with you and I hope to get youre feedback. Also if youre the first one to invest 1 Waves Coin to my project Ill make shure to promote Tonatiu/ eFranken.

Also Im think of ordering some of that chocolate

Update: 483 million eFranken sold until now.

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Hi Pascal I pair eFranken with my Token, Ill Airdrop some to you if you send me youre address.
5,000,000 eFranken for 1 HuastecaMX. Im trading 50% on eFranken


Hi Blastdiaz,

I am not interested to buy, but If you want to airdrop some to me, my address is as follows:



No I was just telling you that I have a discount on my coin 50% with eFranken , 5,000,000 for 1 HuastecaMX.
I send you an airdrop

Have you thought about making eFranken Not Reissuble?

Yes, but I don’t want to limit myself if more is needed. Your token is also reissuable.

Now it Not Reissuble. but yes youre right in a way but If I may, giving away so many can make the Token crash, I think if you change it to Not Reissuble the price can go up.

with price 0,00000001 Waves = 5 Waves?)

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Yes, most was sold for one Wavelet. But some was also sold for quite more.

Edit: 457/1000 million eFranken remain.

do you have a plan on increasing the circulation volume of eFranken?

In the past, I have been contacting organisations in Switzerland if they would like to give away eFranken with their sold products, or with donations they get. No answer so far.

I’ll sell 750 Million eFranken and keep the rest for the time beeing. Some millions of the token also have been given away through the Oceanlab official faucet.

All eFranken I hold that is not reserved have been sold. If you want to buy eFranken, there are several offers from other sellers on the DEX.