[ANN] Spartium - New Trade Game

Spartium is a smart asset. Its trade value is controlled and increase everyday with the following formula:

Start Price : 0.0005 Waves
Daily Price: startPrice * (1 + days * days / 2)

Sell and Buy order value cannot be lower than the daily price calculated by the formula. Trade order expiration time is fixed to 60 minutes. So the investors will have chance to sell once every hour per sell orders. 60 minutes fixed order time also prevents any bot or script based trader to have advantages over human traders on DEX.

In long term the daily price increment will be 1,01% fixed to Waves!

It is non reissueable and issued 10.000.000 units with 8 decimals.

You can do transfers and mass transfers. There is no exchange amount limit. You can sell or buy any amount.

Token burning is disabled in order to prevent any loss by mistakenly burning it.

Spartium is a fair buy - hodl - sell game! It cannot be dumped, manipulated, dominated by scripts of bots. Every investor will have the same chance to profit!

Asset ID: CQ6BGS5N7ygjAWjnoJcAetd71BgedZ9Z4SwnbdAwbc1K
Spartium / Waves Trade Link : https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex?assetId1=WAVES&assetId2=CQ6BGS5N7ygjAWjnoJcAetd71BgedZ9Z4SwnbdAwbc1K

And now it starts. Good Luck!

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