[ANN] Stardust Ore , weekly rewards token

Stardust Ore

Stardust Ore is a WAVES token. Holders of Stardust are earning 0.00000325 ETH per every token held via Waves.Exchange every week. This token is backed by the website earnings of our game, Galactic 123. Earnings may be the result of ad revenues, player purchases, online mining, and / or a combination of these. There are a total of 10000 tokens in existence.

In addition to what is mentioned above, Stardust Ore holders are also eligible to receive automatic airdrops of other WAVES tokens at no extra cost and without requiring any action on their part.

No airdrops! This is to help preserve token value.

Stardust Ore web address: http://galactic123.net/stardust.html

Token Technical Details

Asset ID : J5wjXfs9BonS2qogtyqjLZisUxZ1FqzerLmHKeRuvvc3
Name : Stardust Ore
Issuer : 3PMuW1VuTqjpyssZq8xcrthYFJGTpNVKqGW
Reissuable : False
Decimals : 0
Total supply : 10000
Max supply : 10000