[ANN] WAVESNotify BOT / WAVESNotify Live


The first Notification Telegram BOT for all the amazing WAVES Community!
With more than half a million notified transactions in less than one year

:large_blue_diamond: Watch up to 3 WALLETS per Telegram User
:large_blue_diamond: Trading Notifications
:large_blue_diamond: Transfer Notifications
:large_blue_diamond: Mass Transfers Notifications
:large_blue_diamond: Alias Creation notifications
:large_blue_diamond: Amazing Scam/Phishing Token Identification
:large_blue_diamond: Amazing BALANCE Visualisation (graphical)
:large_blue_diamond: Whois command to check an address/alias
:large_blue_diamond: A dedicated Live Feed for all the newly created tokens!


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WAVESNotify Website
DONATE -> 3PPdV28ZVfDRe4VBBnrpHRxMGgaoxgHM8gB (alias -> wavesnotify)


Great work really. Also, generating a graphic by results is a great idea.

Thank you!! Iā€™m planning to add some more stuff when I got some nice ideas from the community

love it. How many users already?
and maybe any news

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1400 unique users at the moment, any suggestions / improvements are welcomed, winter time is news to me for me since summer is full of work!