[ANN] WTT ( Waves Token Treiding )



What is WTT?

WTT stands for Waves-Token-Treiding, and is a platform that combines all the functions of a digital system.
The WTT platform combines all the transactional aspects of the traditional currency system, providing similar services and tools to users of cryptocurrency,
for example: payment gateway (RC20-WAVES-BTC-LTC and others), exchanger, list of pairs, chat traders, domestic market, listing, e-wallet, various means of coin maintenance and the fastest transfer platform (WAVES and tokens for platform).

What is a WTT token?

The WTT token is a cryptocurrency developed on the WAVES blockchain in the form of a WAVES token that has 8 digits after the decimal point (that is, 0.12345678 WTT).
Thanks to the WAVES standard, WTT tokens can be stored and transferred between multiple WAVES-type wallets.

How can WTT tokens be used?

WTT tokens can assist you in building your portfolio in all cryptocurrencies supported by WTT.
Like any other cryptocurrency, the WTT token can be used for trading and exchange, as well as serve as a means of paying a commission.

How does WTT generate revenue?

At the moment, the WTT platform generates revenues from three sources: commissions for withdrawing currency, commissions for exchange transfers and transactions.
Commission for withdrawal of cryptocurrency generates income for the platform, but most of the commission is used by the network in the process of processing currency withdrawals.

What bonuses will be for tokens holders?

The first top 100 holders will be awarded WTT tokens after the completion of the ICO, the choice will be on the blockchain.

How do I get part of the platform revenue?

  • Each WTT token holder can be leased to generate income from the platform on Waves DEX.
    WTT purses will be checked weekly, and based on the amount of WTT tokens held, interest will be calculated and paid.
    If the user does not lease the tokens, then the income will not be charged.

What is “Token Exchange”?

Token exchange is a method of exchanging crypto-currencies, during which one or more tokens / cryptocurrencies are exchanged for another token at a similar or equivalent price equivalent. Exchange of tokens / cryptocurrency has already begun.

What is the total number of WTT tokens?

The total number of WTT tokens is 50 million tokens.

When will WTT tokens be released?

WTT tokens are already released and available for purchase at:


You can transfer them to the https://waves-token-treiding.net platform and trade with other participants.

How are tokens distributed?

Only 25 million (out of all 50 million) WTT tokens will be allocated for pre-sale, and the unsold part will return to the total amount in the reserve for payment (Leasing).

How WTT funds will be used?

Funds raised through conducting (ICO) will be used to implement new functions, platform and token.
All WAVES attracted by holding (ICO) will flow into the platform wallet.
These funds will be unlocked on an annual basis, based on the annual budget approved by the WTT management:
34% - the budget for 2019
33% - the budget for 2020
33% - the budget for 2021

What is the WTT Affiliate Program?

After conducting (ICO), WTT launches a single-tier affiliate program to support the continued growth of the platform and for rewarding partners.
All WTT users have a referral URL that is displayed in their account.
By sharing the link and inviting new users to the platform, these users can reduce the amount of transaction fees on the WTT exchange.
WTT strives to inform its customers about innovations.

What is the price of a WTT?

The starting price is 0.003 WAVES for one token.

How to participate in the Token Exchange (ICO)?

  1. You can participate in two squares
  2. Go to https://waves-token-treiding.net/exchange/?market=WTT_WAVES
  3. Go to https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex?assetId2=7PXcuSzLwGpdSyQgNh4S5SSdbFmwcLhh2pEsTcxNPqL8&assetId1=WAVES

Where can I store WTT tokens?

For storing WTT tokens, we recommend using:

  1. https://waves-token-treiding.net installing Google Authenticator (available in profile settings).
  2. https://client.wavesplatform.com by setting your own phrase and a complex password.