Announcing Waves World Node Airdrops

Waves World Mining Pool and Marketplace Token

Welcome to a public Mining Pool for Waves Token. In this video we explain Waves World Mining Pool and how to Lease Waves to our full node and receive Waves World Token Airdrops, in addition to Weekly Leasing Rewards.

Our leasing address: 3P3PfgFKpfisSW6RCsbmgWXtwUH8fHAESw4

At Waves World and the Waves Platform Community we are passionate supporters of blockchain technology, and work to educate and further our community. Owned and operated by two families, the project is completely self-funded and protected from the hands of any outside investors. Likewise, our clients are happy to receive the same family dedication with our free customer support for our blockchain and fintech projects. Operating the Waves World Mining Pool since December 2017, with distribution of our own Waves World Token slated for June 2018. Our lessors receive automated payments every Monday, and are backed by cutting edge support, and reduced transaction fees. A variety of premium features are planned, incorporating AI learning, bot technology, blockchain advertising, research & data services, and our own Waves World Marketplace releasing in 2018 which will accept Waves World Tokens for Blockchain related goods and services. Join our dedicated community on Facebook by visiting the Waves Platform Cryptocurrency Club!

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