Anonutopia - A Smart Contract Country

Hello everybody,

I’d like to present our brand new project - Anonutopia.

It’s a smart contract based decentralized Internet country with its own cryptocurrencies, universal basic income, ATM network, taxi app, housing app and similar Open Source applications.

We use Waves for our main currency - ANOTE, as well as crypto equivalents of fiat currencies like crypto-dollar, crypto-euro etc. We also run a full node with interesting leasing program, you can check it out on our website.

We’re also working on Golang library for Waves Node and we’re building a CLI (Command Line Interface) and we have an Open Source wallet.

We love Waves! :smile:

You can see our website here:

And our GitHub organization here:

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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We’re doing an airdrop now:

I always getting an error message when I try to get ANOTE coins in the web wallet.

Which ANOTE is this?
What is the Asset ID?
I tried your airdrop and the bot said 1 ANOTE sent but I never get one,

Is this ANOTE have an Infinite Supply?

I’ve got this same problem

who is behind the project’s founding team?

This is the ID:


We have an infinite supply, theoretically, but that’s because we have a programmed value and using game theory to do so. Something similar to DAI, but with programmed growth.

We will soon publish information about the team.

Sorry about the inconvenience with free Anote, we will check it, fix the issue and send it to you. We’ve been doing heavy development lately so some issues occurred, but we are fixing them as soon as we find out.

We’ve sent everybody their missing free Anote! :slight_smile:

@ikardanov, I would like to apply our project for some kind of a grant program.

1K Waves would take us very far. We’ve been working on this project for a year now, you can do the research on your own (our website, GitHub, docs, wikis, our Telegram groups). We’ve already come so far and we’re not intending to stop. However, we are poor hacktivists and we could really use some Waves for kickstarting it with some paid press releases. We have the MVP of the wallet and our banking token (Anote) and other basic stuff, everything is very viral by design.

Our next step is raising awareness, selling anotes, letting them go up in price, generate some DEX traffic etc.

And of course, more development. In terms of development, our next step is building a distributed infrastructure (AnonOracle, AnonGateway, …) and some of requirements for these will be running a full Waves node and having some amount of MRT and / or WCT. We’re willing to discuss the amounts with you and / or community.

We’re not asking for a lot, 1K would take us so far so fast. What do you say?

Can we get some hearts on this post everybody? :smile: :sunny: :heart:

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