AntomCoin, the university currency

AntomCoin is the first cryptocurrency created under the WAVES technology to support a socio-cultural system within the university network.
Students, professors and individuals may exchange their tokens through different activities within the study complex. It is also being managed so that sites accept AntomCoin as an exchange currency as payment method.

The distribution of this token has 3 phases:

1. Free promotion.
2. Pre-sale ICO.
3. Unlimited exchange through the DEX WAVES.

This cryptocurrency was designed and developed by the young Venezuelan Andrés Rivas through the WAVES platform, a very stable and simple platform to learn how to use and distribute it easily through conferences on the subject. The main idea of ​​this coin is that people from the lower middle class can get a free amount of 0.10000000 to 0.00050000 NanoAntoms and store them and then consume them and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies as a form of income management, to the university students who are even in the country, through their study houses, obtain scholarships with this cryptocurrency as a form of aid and, in turn, provide teachers and teachers with a type of additional funds so that they can also survive the current crisis, this without mentioning in depth the amounts donated to departments and clubs within universities to invest in their own projects and thus automate each of them.

*Note: In the first phase, each user is provided with 1 ANC with an approximate value of $ USD free of charge.

AntomCoin data.

Name: AntomCoin
Acronym: ANC
Minor fraction name: NanoAntoms
Total amount of currency: 31,000,000
Decimals: 8
Not re-emittable*
ID: xRA1wfHV5JFCKxzoKieKG4fverhPsTqGKeEfZ8g7KqG
Cost per transaction. (sponsorship) : 0.01 ANC
Approximate value: $ 1.6 USD

You can get more information here: Blog Oficial
Instamgram: AntomCoinVE
Telegram: AntomCoin

If you want to be part of the team, you can leave your wallet address, we will gladly send you ANC so that you can handle them in the best way.

Soon ANC is within the Liquid Wave protocol that will improve the ANC transaction market by providing better conditions to the currency.

We are also in the process of creating a payment API to facilitate all users the management and incentovar the use of the ANC.
We also have a manual that will help you know how to use the currency, available on our blog.

Universities that support the project.
Currently AntomCoin has the support of the 4 largest universities in Venezuela.

The Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica “Antonio Jose de Sucre” (UNEXPO) is a public institution of higher education located in Venezuela. UNEXPO is an institution oriented towards the realization of teaching, research and extension activities.

It is structured in Vice-Rectorships located in the cities of Barquisimeto, Ciudad Guayana and Caracas. The seat of the rectorship is located in the city of Barquisimeto. It also has accounts in Carora, Guarenas and Charallave.

The UNEXPO according to the Academic Classification of the universities, the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC) of Spain is the 636 university of 3754 in Latin America. The classification is based on a database that includes around 16,000 universities and more than 5,000 research centers. The ranking shows the 12,000 best institutions placed. The bibliometric methodology takes into account the volume of content on the web, as well as the visibility and impact of these contents according to the external links that point to their websites. This methodology is based on the objective evaluation of the importance of the institution within the social network of the sites of the universities in the world.

The Central University of Venezuela (UCV) is a public university of Venezuela located in the Valle Abajo Urbanization of San Pedro Parish, south of the geographic center of Caracas. Founded in 1721 it is the oldest higher education institution in the country. Its main headquarters, the University City of Caracas, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000.


The Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado ( UCLA ) is a public university of Venezuela located in Barquisimeto. It was founded in 1962 with the creation of the Centro Experimental de Estudios Superiores (CEDES), and became the Universidad de la Región Centro Occidental in 1967, before being given its current name in 1979.


The University of the Andes (Spanish: Universidad de Los Andes , ULA ) is the second-oldest university in Venezuela, whose main campus is located in the city of Mérida, Venezuela. ULA is the largest public university in the Venezuelan Andes, having one of the largest student bodies in the country.

Everyone has the opportunity to participate, as internal collaborators or buying the currency, it is a great investment and is already supported by more than 2 million people that make up the different student bodies. You can read the project that is in our official blog there is all the widest information.

The official launch of Token AntomCoin to trade and distribution will be on November 30 at 10:30 AM Venezuela time. You can see the countdown here. TIME

AntomCoin will show great benefits for all those who own it, created to be a reflection of BITCOIN, it has become the perfect alternative for investment in AI technology projects and advanced robotics, as well as in research projects of basic technologies and creation of machinery.

“Technology and innovation available to everyone.”
Andres R.



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Thank you for sharing, I don’t trust in any other altcoing but MobileGo coin, their price and all other stuff are comfortable…But I will consider others maybe

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goodluck with the antomcoin project

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airdrop antomcoin

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Happy to receive airdrop come come now 3PJ4oKa19B6FikmUnRJpNHD5PVaQ489ya5c

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Hello, nice to meet you, thank you very much for trusting in my project. I’m not going to disappoint you, your wallet is already on the list if you have questions you can write to my whatsapp +58 424 5878641

Hello, nice to meet you, thank you very much for trusting in my project. I’m not going to disappoint you, your wallet is already on the list if you have questions you can write to my whatsapp +58 424 5878641 :slight_smile:

Hello, nice to meet you, thank you very much for trusting in my project. I’m not going to disappoint you, your wallet is already on the list if you have questions you can write to my whatsapp +58 424 5878641 :blush: :blush:

Jajajajaja… thank you for trusting in my project!!!
you have questions you can write to my whatsapp +58 424 5878641

I regret that you do not trust my project, although if you say it is wrong you should at least take the time to share with me the reasons why you do not trust, I do not talk about anything 100% because universities are 100% real.
you have questions you can write to my whatsapp +58 424 5878641

I want to tell everyone that thank you very much for trusting in my project, I appreciate that you help me if you have any questions you can write me personally to my whatsapp +58 424 5878641


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