API_KEY problem

I cannot call endpoints with post because of api key.

I tried these in header
API_KEY = “samplehash”
api_key = “samplehash”
API-KEY = “samplehash”
api-key = “samplehash”
X-Api-Key = “samplehash”
X-API-Key = “samplehash”
but non of them work.

I checked my conf file and there is no problem with my api key but it gives an error. Is there any sample for curl with api_key there is no documentation about it. (I looked phyton, c# official sample codes but there is no api key in samples.)
api-key-hash = “samplehash”

“error”: 2,
“message”: “Provided API key is not correct”

Can anyone solve my problem? I had headache with this problem.

Hey Emin,

try passing the key as JSON!




In the header.

In the configuration file you put the hash of API key. In requests you have to send the API key itself. Correct header is X-API-Key.