Apis lottery pool


Pool Address : 3P7apYh75mQJxdsZYH9of7JwcfwzbZUtL8N or just use the alias : apispool or apisnode

Hot it works :
Lease 500 Waves and get 1 ticket
Lease 1000 Waves and get 3 ticket
Lease 5000 Waves and get 20 ticket
Lease 10.000 Waves and get 50 ticket
Lease 20.000 Waves and get 120 ticket

You will need to keep the Waves leased for a full month to qualified for the lottery
Lottery winners will be drawn on the 1st day of every month
Each leasing Waves address can win a maximum of 2 prizes / month


10.000 Apis tokens + 1kg of pure honey (polyfloral)
5000 Apis tokens + 1kg of pure honey (polyfloral)
3000 Apis tokens + 1kg of pure honey (polyfloral)
1000 Apis tokens + 500g of pure honey (polyfloral)

We will use 75% of pool funds for the lottery prizes
We will keep 25% of pool earnings to cover the shipping and handling costs

For “mining” Honey you dont need GPU, asics or other hardware
All you need is Waves tokens and our pool


I like the model you used for your node. Very cool and good luck with the bees. :honeybee:

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What`s the website of the pool?

Could you create similar topic in https://forum.wavesplatform.com/c/pools category using default template? :slight_smile: