Application on the Waves Blockchain Heeelp

Hi everyone,

We are making bitdane exchange, and regarding to our project i have a questions or maybe multiple questions for developers. Is it possible to build a Application on top of the Waves Blockchain that can:

Control lease of our BDEX token as a proof of stake, but also lease out to other BDEX holders, and return interest rate for the lender? And control this application from any device.

This is a feature that we want to implement in our community platform.


ocean labs can setup the POS system with auto payouts to wallets holding your token. Its called pos4all

Thanks i will check it out.

No Problem! You might make a deal with ocean labs to list their token, I use the dex everyday, and OCL and WAU Coin are two of the best coins with tighter spreads and regular up moves. Funny the bigger brand coins on the waves dex are mostly shit like sta, incnt, mbi and many of the more famous coins from ico have gaping shit spreads like 25%