ARCUS (Augmented Reality Coins United System)

Arcus is a project to combine crypto world and augmented reality. The main idea is to place coins in containers containing some top-end crypto-currencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, Zcash and Waves). Players just need to find and take these coins! The whole process will take place in a game form.
Containers are objects visible only with the help of a special application located on the streets of the city, in parks, squares, etc.
The application will allow to find the container and open it. To do this, the application will run in two modes. The first mode is the Radar, which will inform about a nearby container within a certain radius of the player. The second mode is the Capture that allows to see the container and use Augmented Reality (AR) technology.
Once the player finds the container and makes the capture, the coin in the container enters the internal wallet, after which it can be withdrawn to an external wallet or crypto exchange.

To implement the project, we have created an Arcus coin, which will also be used inside the system to buy game benefits, such as increasing the radar radius. In addition, the coin will be used by advertisers and project sponsors who will place their information in containers. The Arcus coin was released on the basis of the Waves blockchain.
The project token sale is divided into two stages. The first stage is the creation of a beta version with game features, which will be available for testing in Russia, Japan, South Korea and in some countries of Europe. At this stage we plan to raise $200,000, which will significantly accelerate the implementation of our Arcus project. The funds will be distributed as follows:

  1. Technical support.
  2. Attraction of new employees and salaries to the staff.
  3. Office expenses.
  4. Advertising campaign.
    The implementation period of the first stage is 6–7 months, since we have already created the Prototype application and are now testing and fixing bugs.
    Project roadmap can be viewed on our
    You can now buy the Arcus coin at the Waves DEX, the first 20,000,000 coins we sell at a price of $0.01 or equivalent in other cryptocurrency. 200,000,000 coins have been released. In the near future we plan to place the coin Arcus on several exchanges.

On our telegram-channel continues are testing the MVP version of the application! Anyone who owns the phone on Android can test the application. Subscribe to our channel:
Bitcointalk: (English topic) (Русская ветка)

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Hello! For the non english speakers, do you also have an english version? If so it would be nice to add this to your topic.
Currently you are missing out on a huge reader audience.

Hi! this text is copy from our Bitcointalk topic. We also have a english version

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Hello! We have MVP! Come to our telegram canal and test it: Telegram:!

Goodluck with the MVP!