Atomic Swaps - a physical manifestation of

A practical manifestation of AS is what I would call “Atomic Fallout” - an ATM like machine from which you could withdraw FIAT following an AS transaction.

I envisage such machines to be installed on i.e. an aircraft so that a PAX could make a “swap” and then withdraw the cash onboard ready for disembarkation.

There are crypto ATM’s in existence at airports and other places as we know so the hardware & concept is not new, only the linking of the AS with the facility to obtain FIAT. There would also need to be a secure wireless link to the aircraft.

I am in the process of establishing a new airline rendered as a DAC so this is my only interest. “Atomic Fallout” would be consistent with the business model as well as a useful utility for PAX.

Apart from the AS component, which I hope WAVES would develop (I believe they are?), the hardware would have to certified for aircraft installation under a supplemental type certificate (STC) which we or our partners could accomplish.

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