Automated payments


I need to pay some contributors monthly with my token.

I know how much to give to each of them and I would like to automate this process.

Is it possible? Could it be considered as a possible future implementation on Waves Platform?


I would recon that you would need to build a second layer application that has access to the wallet seed and this application would make payments on a predetermined schedule. You would have to pre-load the wallet for the "contract"period, lets say 12 months for arguments sake. It is totally possible to build this, however convenience allways comes with extra risks… such as if the private keys are ever exposed.

You would have to weigh up the pros and the cons, the risk and of course the cost of developing this second layer application. In theory you could set it up with a multi signature that requires your secondary signature before completing the transaction. but this would be just as much “effort” as doing manual payments yourself.

the customer care service of whatsoever you’re trying to do should do it for you. It’s that simple

Edit: OMG I didn’t even notice how old the thread was