$Babel Financial experiment

$Babel is a financial experiment based on the principles of Bitcoin. The goal of this experiment is to create an asset that appreciates over time and ends up being completely decentralized. We hope that the community acts in the development. It´s an experiment in the first level. Our first commitment is with the Spanish-speaking community, although several languages ​​are handled among the developers (English, French, etc.)
We propose Waves as a launch pad for the currency due to its ease of trading on all pairs and its community.
It ´s a deflationary currency. As the currency gains adherents, it appreciates by burning coins from the initial supply. In other words, the first to obtain the coins will benefit in price and supply.
We can understand that being an experiment can change the terms of the burning of coins, always with the aim of benefiting the investor. Also, despite the probability of a large revaluation, this is still an experiment and therefore you must invest with due precautions. $ Babel is based on a pyramid approved scheme in which the initial investors are rewarded, but it is not a fraud because it has already been said.

We have no doubt about the success of $ Babel,

It is proposed that each day that the currency reaches a new maximum in price, a part of the supply is burned (1%) and each time the token is more distributed in wave directions, it also decreases by 1%. The burning will be carried out daily as long as the values ​​cooperate and the day and UTC time will be taken as a reference. This way we achieve that there is a shortage in the supply of currency and thus increase the activity of trading. The owners benefit from the acquisition percentage in value and time to the initial supply by burning coins.
The burning of coins is proposed transparent and will be reviewed daily by the developers. Each burn will be broadcast on twitter or channels in which we work.

Good morning all!


3.210.987 Babel issued to address: (100%)

545,867.79000000 Babel transfered to developpers fund address (17%):

160,549.35000000 Babel transfered to Airdrop fund(5%) :

We propose that each participant help in the creation of a twitter account promoting $ Babel with more than 1000 subscribers an airdrop of 1 wave and $ 100 Babel. Accounts can be in English, French or Spanish. All this with the aim of distributing the currency in the best possible way.
The best ideas will be reviewed and we will be able to distribute tokens from the airdrop fund or even from the available Waves fund.
twitter account to follow is : @LaGranBabel

28% (899076.36 Babel) of the total supply of $ Babel has been added to Waves exchange. 1 $Babel would be equivalent to 1USDN.

1% of the fund for the burning of $Babel has been burned accordingly. As the price of $Babel or its directions increases, the supply of $Babel will decrease.
Below you can see the burning on the blockchain.

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