BANDZ - The Celebrity Endorsed Crypto

BANDZ are celebrity endorsed Status Cryptos. BANDZ are used for in app purchases, select concert or show tickets, celebrity paraphernalia, exclusive club/venue VIP amenities, online and brick and mortar retail partnerships and travel and lodging.

BANDZ has a limited supply to increase it’s exclusivity and value. You will not want to be without BANDZ.

BANDZ is also a great investment, as the value is sure to grow with each new celebrity endorsement and business partnership announcement. BANDZ is also a tradable asset.

You will eventually be able to “stake” your BANDZ for future returns.

Exclusivity - only 10,000,000 BANDZ

Official BANDZ Telegram

Our Roadmap is underway big announcements and developments on the way

Changes to the Road Map…

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Developing the Wallet is on the way!

We are working on some great partnerships!!