BearWaves Node

Pool name:
Address for leasing:
(or alias: bearwaves)



Payment policy:
weekly payments, 97% of Waves

Pool Representatives:

w0utje (slack/discord/telegram)

The Netherlands

Feature voting policy:
Voting with Waves’ future in mind, discussing with pool colleagues

Other Details:

Backup nodes
Earning WAVES and MRT
Active community member
Ride scripting, accounts & assets
Waves nodes since 2016, leasing pool since activated
Answering all (waves based) questions
Validating chain and maintaining projects nodes
Expertise and playing around
Service, developing, scripting, bots on Waves

Running testnet and stagenet as one of a few
Payout scripts
Help & know-how
Need help or need to have something done? :point_right: DM


Hi, what have happen to your node?

Hi! You tell me, as an author of the algo :wink:

Also it’s pretty fine when 100k node with less then 0.2% can’t generate the block more then 24 hours (or not?), But node with 500k and no blocks in 48 hours is not okay. ;(

My notify bot went down and node was hanging. As a result missed the downtime… restarting atm

Hi what is my return for 5 waves

Depends on the mined fees, last week it was around 0.000297 for 5 waves. You can see the report tocompare:

join our telegram for the latest updates and notifications: @BearWaves

last week we hit payout 90 already:
soon we’ll be on the 3 digits!:racing_car: #centurions

payout 92:

first payout with increased share! 100% waves and 85% MRT (around 10.28 per block this week) :kissing_heart:

fully updated all nodes to version 16.2, the forging nodes didn’t had any downtime :ok_hand:

Hi how often do you pay for leasing .

Hi @Blastdiaz

Once a week, every thursday.
Tomorrow will be the 100th leasing payout.

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:100: :100: :100: PAYOUT 100 :100: :100: :100: