Best practices for monitoring a large number of Waves-addresses?

Hi all!

What methods do you use to monitor a large number of addresses?
For example: 25,000 users, each has its own Waves-address.

What methods do you use to quickly receive information about incoming transactions at all addresses?

Estimated options:

  • analysis of each new block for the presence of transactions at the desired addresses
  • use the token/distribution API method (checking the balance change)

Maybe there are other methods how in bitcoin coins API?

Further. When paid to the user. Do you consolidate all balances on one waves-address? or is it possible to use a lot of inputs - outputs from inbound transactions?

You can try to use Data Service -

If you want a reasonable speed, the only way is to parse new blocks by yourself.

This method is used in w8io explorer for example, to monitor the whole addresses.

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current block, backwards, you can analyze the information by downloading the block. Depending on time, you can go down to the depth you want. It’s up to you to do what’s done after the data is taken.
It is best to capture data directly from the waves blokchaine without being connected to any platform.
We’re taking the python block information. We’re analyzing thousands of wallets.

import pywaves as py
block_t = py.block(block_id)
block_transaction = (block_t[‘transactions’])