Betstars - betting on forecasts WAVES/BTC

Welcome to Betstars telegram bot!
The game is used token Betstars ( GyXgvZfQZJ1tkmr3RcEr9k8hCULcpkyx4vMcBwMEq38v )
Presale token for first users and testers = 0.01waves (only 5000 tokens)
After presale 0.01 will be the minimum guaranteed tokens buyback rate.

There are currently 4 types of regular tournaments.
S - short, bet 30 or 100 Betstars
L - long, bet 30 or 100 Betstars

S tournaments:
Announced every 30 minutes
Prediction is terminated 30 minutes after the announcement
Summing up (obtaining an accurate result) is made 1 hour after the completion of bids

L tournaments:
Announced every 12 hours
Prediction is terminated 12 hors after the announcement
Summing up (obtaining an accurate result) is made 24 hours after the completion of bids

Jackpot for S30 and L30 tournaments:
Separate funds for S and L tournaments. Distributing for accurate forecast.
Accumulated due to part of the games fees if the tournament has more than 3 predictions
Accumulated and automatically paids in WCT tokens!
The are currently:
:gift: Jackpot for S30 tournaments: 1.89 WCT!
:gift: Jackpot for L30 tournaments: 50.00 WCT!

The result for summing up is the top bid rate on the stock exchange DEX Waves platform at the time of summing up
Announcements and tournament results in our telegram channel


For the first 100 users, there is a welcome bonus!
30 Betstars tokens to your balance for the game!

The principle of the distribution of prizes and awards
The number of prizes is defined as 30% of the total number of predictions (there can be more than one prediction from each participant)
Thus, for every 100 predictions, 30 bets fall into the top places.
The table of distribution of rewards will be as follows:
Bet size: 30 Betstars
Number of predictions: 100
Prize fund 3000-10% (game fee) = 2700 Betstars
(place: reward in Betstars token)
30: 3
29: 6.1
28: 9.31
27: 12.64
26: 16.1
25: 19.7
24: 23.45
23: 27.36
22: 31.45
21: 35.74
20: 40.24
19: 44.98
18: 49.98
17: 55.27
16: 60.9
15: 66.9
14: 73.33
13: 80.25
12: 87.75
11: 95.93
10: 104.93
9: 114.93
8: 126.18
7: 139.04
6: 154.04
5: 172.04
4: 194.54
3: 224.54
2: 269.54
1: 359.54

Updated format for displaying information about the tournament by command /inf ххх

  • where xxx - is the tournament number
    (Information is not available for open tournaments while betting is in progress)

For closed tournaments (in anticipation of the outcome), access to information about the predictions made and the preliminary distribution of prizes, based on the current real rate.


We remind you of the preferential sale of tokens at a price of 0.01 At the moment there are 2250 Betstars tokens left
DEX exchage wavesplatform

More awards!
We added rewards in tournaments where there are 10 or more predictions. 3 WCT for the first place for every 10 predictions
(20 -> 6wct, 30 -> 9wct and so on)
This is a mini Jackpot, no need to guess the exact course, just enough to get as close as possible and take the first place.
It is paid automatically to the address from which the balance was refilled.
Payment example

Русская версия

1. The active game bot mode is enabled. For a while, he will make 5 bets in S30 tournaments. The prize pool will be at least 135Betstars
2. At the stage of completion of a series of qualifying tournaments for the event Grand Prix 20200202, to be held 02.02.2020
Prize pool at least 100000Betstars !!!

Started a series of Grand Prix tournaments !
Short GS Tournaments = 1 ticket to the next limit for every 5 predictions
Long LS tournaments = 1 ticket to the next limit for every 3 predictions
You can start at any limit or go directly to the main event in which we will distributed at least 100K Betstars
*currently available only in English version

Starting from April 20, we begin the daily drawing of a ticket to the main event Grand 20200202! Tournament G1100 #4996. We remind you that the ticket price is 1100 Betstars tokens, and the prize fund starts at 100K Betstars tokens!
To take part in the draw, it is enough to keep at least 120 tokens of Betstars on the wallet. We do not limit the number of addresses per user. Also, the same wallet can get more than one ticket.
To take part in the discussion or ask questions, you can in our telegram group