Better Tokens

Hello everyone,

As a trader and investor on wavesplatform since April 18th 2018, I have seen a lot of problems and errors including, dissalow of placing orders, buy/sell orders, conection problems and many other things…

Anyway now I am confused with the “BetterTokens”. I had a conversation by email with them at 21st of December 2018. In the email that I sended, I have asked everything regarding the documents and the answer was quiet unsatisfied…

I would like to ask the community the follow:
What if I create a token and go throught all the process of the BetterTokens and my token is qualified. With a good marketing strategy and solid work I will probably get many investitors and the price of the token will go up in the time.

  • But what if I wake up one morning and decide to collapse the whole market of my token and the investors find out that they are broke. Will BetterTokens restore their money?

I am pretty sure that this ain’t gonna happen and they will be still broke. Then it comes the question:

  1. Why should I give money to BetterTokens?
  2. Why should I invest money on law experts, financial advisors, financial experts and all other needed for collecting the right documents to be “Trusted Token”?

After all I am the factor that is able to collapse the whole market as I mentioned before and nothing can stop me if thats my final decision…

So after all it comes that the whole idea behind “BetterTokens” is just to earn money and nothing more. Since they can not cover a market collaps and cover investors loss. (Correct me if I am wrong)
Creating token on Decentralized platform and after a year you should centralize it - Does that makes sense?

Even before the “BetterTokens” the Gateway for a generated tokens wasn’t working and after a tons of emails sended to the support they have told me that they are working and they will fix it, but nothing of that has happened. As there is a no gateway you are kind a forced to stay on the waves platform and be dependent on them.

What is the next project after “BetterTokens”? Maybe we will need to prove that our tokens are BetterThanBetter?

A name of token that is stable and traded over a year unlike many other tokens is going to be deleted and searched by ID. How does it will sound to all investors and what will be the impact?