BETTEX dApp betting exchange challenges conventional bookmakers

Blockchain is recognized as one of a global trends that could have the strongest impact on our society in a short time. And of course its appropriate use is limited only by our imagination. Cryptocurrency HYIP has settled down and the time of truly necessary projects is coming. Projects really able to improve what people use every day.

We managed to combine the original blockchain technology with the latest WAVES developments and create the world’s first dApp betting exchange.
This is a truly innovative idea, and the result is available to you right now. Some projects were also inspired by the idea of DEX betting. But today we are the first and the only ones who brought it to life.

Our personal experience in the betting industry and programming allowed us to understand with utmost precision what players need and how to create it using the latest technologies.
The main problems for players lie in the need to follow the rules of the bookmaker, often one-sided. Odds reduction, long verification, large fees and simply refusal to pay deserved winnings. Every player has ever been in such situations.
All these problems are resolved on the BETTEX dApp betting exchange. Now there is no third party to bet. There are no odds restrictions, inflated fees, payment delays and other whims of the bookmaker. There are players and full automation only. And it already works.

CEO BETTEX project says about the implemented technical solutions:

All information is stored in the WAVES blockchain, and the logic is controlled by a smart contract. These are the newest solutions in the RIDE for dApps programming language. Transactions are signed with the private key via WAVES Keeper in browser. If there are disputes over the outcome of events, the player can open a dispute. This dispute has access to those who are related to the bets on a particular event. The exchange has no back-end and the interface interacts directly with the blockchain. This is a guarantee of objective interpretations and results of events. The WAVES blockchain is selected as a public register of records of a well-known company, which also makes all processes as transparent as possible.

We have created an innovative product and are challenging bookies now. WEB evolution is inevitable with the advent of blockchain; it will affect all application areas. The betting market will no longer be the same and is ready to follow the principles that are already working in BETTEX dApp betting exchange.

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About BETTEX project

The project to create dApp betting exchange on blockchain. Founded in early 2018 in Moscow. 5 experts in the team. One of the well-known projects in the field of POS and masternodes. Coin of the project — BTXC, on

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Bettex project weekly updates (June 24 — June 30)

Tests on the world’s first decentralized betting exchange continue!
As the first players give feedback, our exchange gets better. And therefore we are launching a 2-in-1 airdrop contest 100% bet! Anyone can get 20 BTXC for free and try their hand at it. Contest conditions are simple, please see more about in our telegram channel.

dApp affiliate program
Our team creates a multi-level referral program that can be used by all dApps based on Waves Platform. We got post about getting a grant for this goal some time ago. Program release is scheduled for the near future.

dApp betting exchange release, cooperation with Waves Platform, other important factors determine the development of our project and add new tasks. We update the roadmap, complementing in detail and remaining true to the main goal of Bettex project. A new version of the roadmap for dApp Bettex and BTXC will be provided soon.

We always welcome feedback and take into account your wishes to the content of such reports!
Please write to us - OFS_Bettex_project in Telegram.

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