Bioxtoken - Intangible Assets in Biotechnology

BIOXTOKEN is a new blockchain-based platform for the certification of intangible assets in biotechnology. BIOXTOKEN measures, certifies and enhances the activities of companies, researchers and students in the biotechnology sector.

BIOXTOKEN exploits the potential of the WAVES blockchain to make the certification process of all intangible assets in biotechnologies simple, fast and cheap, such as research protocols, researchers and students’ knowledge, company procedures and know-how, etc.

BIOXTOKEN are the measure of the value of intangible assets of a company, a researcher or a student. Thanks to this measurement and certification it is possible to enhance these intangible assets on the market, for example by increasing the company’s financial valuation. Instead, researchers and students who certify their skills through BIOXTOKEN increase their assessment on the labor market: companies can in fact budget their certification as an intangible asset.

Join our community through the bioxtoken website and ask about the project whenever you want through our social media channels. See you soon!

Token name: BIOXTOKEN

Blockhain: WAVES Platform

Exchange: WAVES Exchange

ID: 2Mp99JhtU32TqdkA34Yny7fgbX7mvVeaDJf16tJq3GoS






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