Bitcoin sent to random address

Hello, I have been using waves wallet and waves platform via desktop version, when I clicked on my bitcoin and went to send some bitcoin to another non waves wallet , just as I have done with no problems before, just a small wait time… However this time after I manually entered the recipient @, double ,then triple checked it was correct ,I sent ,I can see that i sent this bitcoin now ,however it says it ended up to a receiver I DID NOT send to, any help greatly appreciated!
I hope I have observed all the rules of the forum correctly ,
thank you!

You must provide details in the blockchain way with transaction ids and stuff.

Hello. Most likely that your bitcoin was sent to this address: 3PAs2qSeUAfgqSKS8LpZPKGYEjJKcud9Djr It’s gateway address. This article will clarify everything for you:
Best regards, Waves Community Manager

Thank you for getting back to me.I followed that exact protocol to a wallet now it is just stuck …I dont know if this a glitch i was using the desktop version …Any support with this matter is greatly appreciated.

Hello again. As we need additional information to help you with your problem please to contact our support team:
Best regards, Waves Community Manager.

Hello, sorry for the time delay in responding. I still have a basic xbt transfer to another non waves wallet that never made it. Can I just retrieve the funds and have them put back in my wallet. I read the rules to the help forums and it says never post any wallet address ,do you have a chat app or a direct email with someone who could maybe help me…
Very much appreciated.
Thank you

As was mentioned above, contact our support service, explain them your problem:
Best wishes, Waves Community Manager.

I have same problem ! Happend just now ? Anybody knows why ?