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Greetings to you dear friends and colleagues! I do believe in our further collaboration as soon as possible!
Our team created a project Bitmonsters. The most important, we already received payments in cryptocurrency.
No doubt, We are looking for opportunities for integration of platform functions with other projects. Particularly, Wavesplatform moreover, we are ready to consider proposals and possible forms of cooperation. The Crypto winter is going to stop! The market is going to become strong. Viable projects and solutions will be involved in successful actions.
The main task of the Bitmonsters project is the introduction of cryptocurrency payments into various spheres of life. It will facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, blockchain ideas in general, while meeting the needs of the population and bringing profits to its creators and investors. This idea is not new, but we tried to implement the most complete and convenient set of functions in the system in order to solve this problem.
In recent years, the e-commerce market has grown tenfold, more and more crowding out the classic forms of commerce.
Cryptocurrency payments are more versatile than traditional fiat payments for several reasons:
• Firstly, these are payments, that are not limited to geographic location. Payment can be made anywhere in the world, having only a purse of cryptocurrency and access to communications.
• Secondly, it is payments with a minimum commission. The user himself sets the speed of the transaction by determining the commission payment.
• Thirdly, these are open registry payments. No one else can manipulate the payment, referring to false information.
• Fourth, no matter how strange it may be, but not all users have access to banks and bank accounts. Also, do not forget about the clumsiness and bureaucracy in the banking sector.
We have made a decision that has already passed the stages of formation testing and implementation, and makes a profit.
We also plan to develop functionality, scale up, conquer new markets, using progressive solutions. There is no limit for perfection!
Our system allows any merchant to accept payment for goods and services in cryptocurrency. Nowadays, making payment we have to choose the most well-established tokens which have high liquidity and a real price.
The main sections of the system:

  1. Payment module.
  2. Credit module.
  3. Exchange module (for system users).

Payment module
Our solution is a payment gateway processing transaction processing center. The system provides users with the ability to accept Bitcoins, as well as other cryptocurrencies (ethereum) provided for by the gateway functionality as payment for goods or services and process crypto payments that the user receives from his client (Buyer). There is a possibility of including any token in the gateway: it depends on the appropriateness of making such a token payment.
The capabilities of the system will be of interest to those individuals and companies that offer products and services for sale, as well as other organizations that accept payments.
Our platform has several advantages over other systems:
• Cryptographically secure API, backup nodes of the system.
• Fast adaptability for different platforms and systems.
• Availability of web and mobile versions for the convenience of users.
• Managing the rate of payment acceptance for a different number of transaction confirmations in the blockchain (high — unconfirmed transaction, medium — 1-3 confirmations, low — 6 or more confirmations)
• Monitoring the best token rate for account creation.
• Auto conversion of funds into Fiat without user participation at the invoice payment stage.
• Ability to work with any token and blockchain.
• Multilingual
• Formation of URI and QR codes.
• Easy integration to new user systems.
• Flexibility and at the same time security of the system.


Integration of platform capabilities with third-party products is carried out via connection to the system API or via a mobile application. The management takes place via the web interface in the PC version or via a mobile application.

Credit module.
This module allows you to get a loan (credit) in fiat money secured by the user’s Bitcoin. The user needs to pass verification, then the function will be available.

Stage of loan formation:

  • choice of loan currency (depends on the types of payment and calculations)
  • choice of loan amount.
  • choice of the loan term (the interest rate depends on the loan term).
  • selection of a discount on a loan as a percentage (the difference between the real value of the asset and the amount of the asset’s valuation taking into account the margin call is from 1 to 100%).
  • confirmation of receipt of the loan.
  • consideration of the loan application.
  • making a security payment (BTC) by the user.
  • issuance of credit.
  • loan repayment.
  • return of the security deposit to the user.
    Our team is looking for partners for cooperation and further collaboration.
    It is very important for us to know your feedback about our platform. Could you leave your suggestions and wishes?!


Best regards,
CEO Bitmonsters
Ivan Lyovkin

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