Blink | Waves Network Sponsorship token

Blink Network implementation with low latency based waves blockchain


A sponsorship token release on the waves platform for all transactions and other services on the future days

Blink network Road Map .


# Project idea
# Token issued on waves dex for private sale [50000000 Blink only]
# White paper release and official website
# P2P chat room implementation on lightning Blink network testnet
# Token distribution for Blink Network community
# Testnet blockchain implementation
# Desktop beta wallet
# Blink androind and ios beta wallet
# Centralized Exchange cryptocurrency gateway

Token information :

  • Total amount token : 750000000 Blink
  • ID token : EUiAKFjkMhdMC75TTAnhn4RZcJ4N9wV4wfokvH64Geco
  • Token price : 1 Blink = 0.0001 WAVES
  • sponsorship token for all transactions on waves dex [10 Blink per transaction]

Our media lunch


All information about Token distribution [bounty and airdrop] will be annonced on our social media .