Blockchain Domains | Waves Help Decentralize the Web

I don’t know how Waves will do this, but I know where to start.

Launch Uncensorable Websites

Extensive Should be Waves Aliases. Tokens, .Waves, .defi, .lease, .seed, .block
For Example NewageCoins.Tokens

The domain is stored in your wallet, just like a cryptocurrency. No one can move it around other than you.

Point your domain to content on a decentralized storage network

Blockchain domains + decentralized storage = A website only you can put it up and takedown

If you Implement this I should get 15 FREE DOMAINS at least for the 1st Year.

I could imagine this would provide a whole new revenue stream. Giving Waves the opportunity to buy & sell domains, which are digital assets, then eventually make a secondary market free to users so they can buy & sell blockchain domains.

Under Currents Powered By Waves is a partner of Unstoppable Domains

I’ve checked the price for Under Currents, it is 0,01$. Can someone explain me please, why price is so low?

Where did you check the price? The current price on Waves Exchange is 0,00000001 Waves.

10,000,000,000 supply and reissuable token.

Under Currents are made as a reliable & super affordable way to send blockchain messages & pictures worldwide in second. The current prices is $0.01 USD on website due to 3rd party processing fees. On price is 0.00000010 waves.

Unfortunately, I cannot find this link anymore. I don’t know where it is. I’ve remeber that on that day I’ve checked the price for Under Currents, it is 0,01$. There are also some prices available for a bulk buy, which also seems affordable. Can someone explain to me please, why the price is so low? Is it only because they are new on the market, and nobody has any idea how are Under Currents going to behave in the future? And it says that it is expected to rise in the future. This info is not supported by any other facts or evidence. Where can I get more info about it? For now, it looks for me a bit suspicious. I’ve tried to check for some info on, but I couldn’t find anything about Under Currents.

Get Under Currents for FREE

Go thru the website the price is expected to rise in all actually I have enough WAVES to BUY every Under Current off the Market then shoot the prices to 1 waves a Under Currents. I advise everybody BUY Under Current before I do so.

We are a Technology with at least 7 revenue stream not including our tokens, which we don’t count anyway.