Leasing Address: 3PPPPP4sBjZwvDnPq61cCbD5MTk8471Q2so
Web site:
Payout Frequency: Twice Weekly Payout

Blockxperts is the developer of CryptoPeso (, a stablecoin backed up by Philippine Peso, powered by Waves. We are also developing various use cases for Indigen ( a utility and donation token for the poor indigenous children of Ifugao, Philippines (where the world famous Banaue Rice Terraces is located), and the very first blockchain project intended for the preservation of indigenous cultures, also powered by Waves.

Your leasing support and the profit we generate can help us with our development. Thank you.

Lease Payout #24 (12/06/2019)

do you have telegram?

Yes we have one but it’s not active and we don’t have members yet there since Im not promoting it. Our community uses facebook since most of them are from Philippines. Your are free to join though and we can chat there:

Lease Payout #25 (12/14/2019)

Node update: during the recent upgrade and transition of Waves DEX to Waves.Exchange, our node experienced a run time error and the miner crashed.When we restarted the node, it can no longer continue mining blocks because it keeps popping up an error on a certain block number.

So we hard to rebuild our blockchain database which is taking so long. We are already down to Block 1753000 and just a thousand blocks more, but it feels like it’s taking forever.

Mining will resume very soon. We apologize for this but we have not mined a block since then…

Restoring the blockchain database takes 35-40 minutes.

sudo rm -rf /var/lib/waves/data
sudo wget -qO- | tar xv -C /var/lib/waves

I’m using Windows 2016 server.

Dear lessors, you may now discontinue leasing your waves to our node since the Waves Leasing promotions (20,000 Waves leased for a number of months by the Waves Team) has ended so our node, with very few leased Waves, is no longer generating any rewards for several days now. I’m selling my Waves and moving to Neutrino staking instead. But our node will continue to run in a shared server to keep our blockchain updated. Just in case we decide to lease again if it becomes profitable. Thank you all for the support and thanks to Waves Team for the opportunity to earn from their 20,000 leased Waves to our node.