BlogCoin project

BlogCoin is a service marketing and supports new coin (ICO) that has collaborated with us.

Services that we provide;

-Marketing consultant
-Promotion and guidance
-Trade consultants

Join us now to work together and share strategies to get high profits

Asset details
Asset Issue : 2018-12-07 00:49:37
Asset Name : BlogCoin (BLGC)
Total Supply : 100000.0
Aseet ID : Ehd3mqm7fFWEiKvfUxrDpek1hqLo8J1c6LxyFdYCSkes

Andreess Waves: 3P4dPn837Uebv2xtfvZzjbyngJzpzJvSntr

Allocation :
Cooperation : 28000
List on Exchange : 23000
Bounty : 12500
Token Sale : 10000
Tipping : 4500
Airdrop : 1350
Donation : 1130
Wavesdrop : 1000

Email support: [email protected]




thank you for your support and we will continue to grow in the future :grin:


i need to know who referred me
need a Twitter username

please I need help on the airdrop

Need some blogcoin


good project
i will support

Awesome concept project airdrop…
I wish this project very success

Awesome project,sure.

So far, interested in the project. Good luck developing!

I support you… :blush:


Good project.
I love blogcoin​:blush::blush::blush:

Sucses and good project

An interesting project with great prospects and a good team!

Nice project , i love u :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Very intresting project!

Thanks Blogcoin

A good project with huge potential. Best of luck!

Good project the future is bright

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nice project , im interested how this project willperform

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