Pool name: Bluemagic Waves

Address for leasing: 3PBLuEzWkANpFJV9QkCKKqfNCyYoDvBSx4x


Payment policy: every week on Sunday

How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers: check website , every week on Sunday

Pool Representatives: find our telegram , twitter , email on our website

Make sure you are leasing to the address on the main page of our website (same address as mentioned in the first post here) . Since our old node has been permanently put offline .

We have communicated this change for nearly 3 months to our leasers via multiple channels , but we’re still trying to reach a small group of people who didn’t change their lease to the new lpos address .

“Small group of people”, heh? There is still ~2800k generating balance on the stopped node vs. ~680k on the current one (height@1104106). A proportion is in favor of the old node more than 4 times.

Why did you stopped the old node? For decentralization it is better to turn it on. Afraid of your seed was compromised? You can resend all fees to a backup address by a script.

Hi Deemru ! If you are still leasing to the old node , time to switch . It’s really easy to cancel and re-lease .

The reason for the switch has been explained in one of our blogposts : .

If you check our statspage : , you will notice that 189 leasers have switched by now . We tried contacting everyone for 3 months now (through multiple channels) . It’s not that we don’t care , but it looks like leasers seemingly don’t seem to care … .

@Bluemagicwaves your switch is ok, your points are ok, but why did you stop the old node?

It is better for the waves community that your old node works all the time. Even without payouts at all.

For now, your 2800k generating balance is wasted, so the top nodes get more percents.

The decentralization should prevail!

One way to interpret the situation is : the leasers who are not switching (even after shutdown of the old server) don’t care about decentralisation apparently .
Exactly that is the power of the waves network : leasers have the power and can choose what to do (or not do) .

It’s not something you and me can change . Cause if we could , that would make waves centralized . :slight_smile:

Your interpretation is very good, and your situation is very indicative, as we can see leasers are passive en masse, that’s true for now, continue monitoring.