Bomb deflationary token clone on waves possible?

Bomb token is a deflationary token on Ether, its done pretty well (huge returns to early investors) and spawned alot of copycats over the last few months (just about all on eth). The basic idea is that each time the coin is sent 1% of the amount sent gets burned. In theory its a store of value and will go up in time.

If someone would make a coin like this on waves it would do very well. One of the major roadblocks to these coins is getting them on exchanges. And ether dex’s are pretty clunky TBH.

Waves has a dex built right in. It would work great and be available worldwide instantly.

Is it possible to do this using smart contracts? I was thinking maybe even burning a percentage each time its traded on the dex instead of every time its sent to different address.

It can be distributed fairly through airdrop. It would be great.

If someone decides to make a clone of bomb I suggest using decimals as for some reason bomb token decided to have no decimals.

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