Bot Dex for everyone

Someone is able to create a bot for dex in order to control the price of the personal token?
This thing is really interesting for me.
Many want high value of personal token.
Many want stability similar to fiat coins for the personal token. I desire it a lot.

I do not have the skills to do it, I read about big investors who have finalized a new cryptocurrency project with an algorithm able to balance and be stable like fiat coins. So I say if there is anyone here who can create bots for dex, he must do it or someday it will be too much. The project could be financed.

Why the cryptocurrency still have difficulty finding use outside the internet?
Because traders want stability.

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yes thats excatly what i was asking here 2 times already, once in a topic of someone that creates a bot, and once in a personal topic i opened.

i also need a price controlling bot. to controll price of a token with reserves.

thank you for opening another topic like that, and luck and success to all of us and the develoeprs.


Even fiat isnt stable compared to other currencies

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you mean communal fiats, like euros or usdollar?

their inflation is quite moderate.

nevertheless he wants to peg reserves. so his token stays at a fixed value

How are u going to force people by selling or buying at certain rate?
Only way to do is putting up 2 big sell and buy walls

by buying back with own reserves.

Hi. Usually it’s rather difficult to control prices of tokens which can be freely bought and sold on a free market. You need to invest a lot of funds to control exact prices. In such cases market making bots are used and they just provide liquidity keeping market price based on demand and supply volumes.

There is a Liquid project, its team is working on such automated bots. I guess they should release their service soon.

why is it difficult to controll prices the bot has to just observe markets and buy at certain price although it might be possible to controll a price by simply putting a sell order. its then similar like banking, the market starts becoming hardcore when us dollar and euro are no measurements of value anymore.