[BOUNTY] Earn XBBT tokens to create simple posts!

Hello! We want to make our portal more dynamic and attractive and we want to count on you for it!

Earn 150 XBBT tokens by sending us postings!

Formulate a post and send us. If it is accepted, it will be posted on our website (www.bountybusters.com) and you will be automatically paid, through the address given.

Posts that interest us:

Our portal is a portal on blockchain news and airdrops. This way you can send us:

1- News about blockchain (any project);
2- Airdrops with step by step to get them (we will not accept ‘scam’ projects);
3- Tips and tutorials on issues involving blockchain and crypto-coins.


1- Payment will only be made if your post is chosen / approved;
2- Always include the source from which you extracted the information if you obtained it from someone else.
3- If you want your name to appear in the post, include it at the end of the text you want to send.

4- Texts in English only.

To submit your post click here.

Thanks, and see you later!