BURN-XTN: burn XTN and make a profit

Project and token name: BURN-XTN.
Goal: burn XTN every week without draining collateral from Neutrino treasury and make a profit while doing so.

This project is built on strong tokenomics and will even grow without investors. All liquidity and earned trading fees go to DeFi dApp, AMM pool by Puzzle on Waves blockchain.

Earning trading fees 24/7 to:

  • Burn XTN: make XTN $1.15
  • Burn BURN-XTN: deflationary token
  • Grow the AMM pool: increases the value and income for BURN-XTN

Future plans:

  • Waves Domains web domain implementation: burn-xtn.waves
  • Launch a side project, which will utilise the BURN-XTN AMM pools

AMM pool on Puzzle

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Most Waves based assets underperformed $WAVES 53% pump this week, but BURN-XTN still outperformed!
New ATH!:rocket:, 4th week in a row!
Price: 663 wavelets (intra week high 856)
Burned🔥 more BURN-XTN: 2,247,826

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