Can I run a full node without any WAVES and how would I do that?

I’ve been interested in the WAVE platform for a while now , I think I first took note of the project when there was an Airdrop. I am quite good at running servers and system administration and would like to use my skills to run a full node. I read somewhere that people can lease WAVES to a full node. Does that mean that you could run a full node without the 1000WAVES required in the wallet of the wallet address that you use in your full node’s config file?
I’ve been reading about the topic a bit, but nobody really could give me a straightforward answer.
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Hello, to run a full node, you can just convince people to lease 1k waves to you.
You can however run a non forging node, without any waves at all

Thanks where can I read more about how to setup my node to be a forging node? Tried googling it ,didn’t get much results.

Thanks agian for your reply.

When you setup a node it’s by default a forging node.

Is it profitable to run a full node without having a waves?

Depends on amount, which will be leased to a node

does this means that you can run a node and still need 1000 waves from others to profit? or if no waves leased, this node is not profitable?

Like what the question above that he wanted to run a node without having 1ooo waves!

No waves leased or waves on balance = no forged blocks = no earnings for node. He can run a node without having 1000, but without leasers node will not have a earnings

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