Cancel Order Using ID - Not working

Hi team ,

I got following error when i cancel the order.

How to get signature ?

I got signature value form create order response.

signature : ‘2q7bTTq9HbGcWZPuCVHtqv2Ap5XVeAAmqoF5QX3t7EC4oqpSgPHxQcb2SKKjAs1Yh9gjxpQkRJtwvzTp1q6BzMof’,

But doesn’t work.

“result”: null,
“template”: “The request has an invalid signature”,
“success”: false,
“error”: 1051904,
“message”: “The request has an invalid signature”,
“status”: “InvalidSignature”

Kindly provide the solution ASAP.

Signatures are not taken from the thin air - it is complicated process. The easiest way is use one of the existing libraries. For example, for java language. cancelOrder(PrivateKeyAccount account, AssetPair assetPair, String orderId)

I believe there are python, c# versions etc

Okay Fine. But i am working on js ( Node Js ) . Can you please send it the link ?

I have another one doubt .

How to generate signature form Private Key & Timestamp in JS ?

I have already try in js functions like Base58.encode , base-58 , etc… But i can’t get the signature.

Kindly share the link or example ASAP.

Please help me.

There are dozens repositories here I’m not js guy, so please check them yourself to see whether they suit your needs or not