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Symbol: NAN : Cannacoin

CannaCoin Tokens are a Legal Cannabis Blockchain Crowdfunding Community & Resource driven to Promote Business & Legalization Worldwide!


Attention All Companies Needing to Acquire Capital in the High Risk Legal Cannabis Industry!

What are CannaCoin Tokens [Legal Cannabis Blockchain Crowdfunding Community]?

CannaCoin is a measurement of monetary value to utilize as principle to beneficially obtain and maintain legal cannabis related business startups. Principle will be contributed directly towards acquiring necessary requirements; of successfully establishing and operating cannabis related companies, having recently filed for, or in the process of, legal operation. In addition, we will offer small grants & employment opportunities for those whom have been detrimentally incarcerated or charged for cannabis related crimes. CannaCoin offers Grants to CannaCoin Holders to Promote Business & the Legalization of Marijuana Worldwide. Claim Your Stake Today in the Emerging Cannabis Industry! Promoting the World Legal Cannabis Industry with Cannacoin holder in 187 countries.

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We give Legal Cannabis business Grant’s in Cannacoin