Cannot broadcast transfer transaction under Windows with 'openssl failure'

My colleague under Windows cannot broadcast transaction to
with the following error

message: “request to failed, reason: write EPROTO 101057795:error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure:openssl\ssl\s23_clnt.c:802:↵”

using the following code

const tx = transactions.transfer( {
recipient: recipientAddress,// some address
amount: 1000000
}, seedMain);// seedMain account with Waves a lot
const transactions = require(’@waves/waves-transactions’);
transactions.broadcast(tx, ‘’);

We also tried to extract ‘broadcast’ code and fetch instead of but without success.
Could someone explain what happens?
How we can fix it?

Could you provide more details i.e.: how do you run your script? Is your timezone correct? Do you have any issues with other domains? Do you run it in node.js? Which version?

I’ve just call code above under Node JS environment.

What does this mean?
My colleague works physically from Serbia, timezone CET (GMT+1)

Looks like he has problems with TLS/OpenSSL on his computer, but could you help what another node server we can use for test (and main net) or you already have similar problems and explain what we do wrong or what we shouls setup.

Yes, v8.11.2