CarbonFund project - an ecosystem with a closed-loop economy, buy carbon units, plant a tree, lease the waves, increase the purchase and burning of carbon units from the market.

Telegram: CarbonFundRus, CarbonFundEng
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On the blockchain platform Waves, the first and so far the only CarbonFund ecosystem with a closed-loop economy has been created, which includes the following main elements:

  • Profitable - EcoNoda “CarbonInvest” was launched to generate revenue, which will be fully, 100%, sent to the Waves market (dex) for the purpose of buying and burning CarbonUnit assets at market price, resulting in a gradual reduction in their number in circulation. The extra income for EcoNoda CarbonInvest leasing companies, which is 100% of the generated income of the node due to the charges of CarbonUnit, also on a regular basis, will be sent to CarbonUnit smart tokens and partners tokens as a drop and distribution.

  • Carbon units - CarbonUnit smart sets are provided with generated and verified / verified reduced carbon units (CO2) in natural sectors of economies. For every sale, 1 tCO2, i.e. The 10 CarbonUnit Asets, part of the Waves, will be sent to EcoNoda CarbonInvest, with a view to developing and increasing the generated income, with the subsequent purchase of CarbonUnit Asets from the market and their destruction (burning), thereby gradually reducing the total number of CarbonUnit Above Networks.

  • When purchasing from 10 CarbonUnit (from 1 tCO2), part of the funds is directed to planting trees at the rate of 1 tCO2 = 1 tree, with the provision of a certificate, GPS coordinates, photo / video confirmations. When buying several tCO2, there is a bonus system for the number of trees planted.

  • When purchasing from 10 CarbonUnit (from 1 tCO2), part of the funds is directed to a project on forest conservation in Altai, the project represents the protection and management of forest lands overgrown with agricultural land located in Zalesovskiy district, 142 km from Barnaul, the Altai Republic. The project covers 9,489.3706 hectares of various sites. The aim of the project is to reduce the environmental load, in the form of the impact of global warming on the Altai Republic, by increasing the area of ​​active forest plantations, and, as a result, increasing the absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2). The result of the project is the annual uptake of 350,000 tCO2 by forests.

Thus, any participant in the CarbonFund ecosystem, purchasers from 10 CarbonUnit assets, as well as the licensors of the CarbonInvest node make their individual contribution to improving the environment and fighting global climate change on the planet, in the form of:

  • tree planting (absorbing 20-25kgCO2 with one tree per year)
  • conservation of forests in Altai (absorbing approximately 350,000 tCO2 per year),
  • supporting various environmental projects and initiatives,
  • projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Compensation to the environment of their daily consumed resources, including as a redemption of the personal carbon footprint - burning CarbonUnit.

The Waves community itself regulates the CarbonFund ecosystem the more waves will be leased to EcoNoda “CarbonInvest” (all funds remain on the lysiers’ accounts, NOT listed and the lease can be canceled at any time), the more CarbonUnit assets will be bought and destroyed (burned)

Great news, we completely launched our website version 1.0. Welcome, come, comment, ask questions. Taking care of future generations! :evergreen_tree:

At night, they launched a smart and released their token CarbonUnit, provided with carbon units calculated according to the strictest international methods / standards and confirmed by an independent international company KPMG.
Asset ID CarbonUnit: CJPhecvLihhDwsochyjYRbHfAxp3cAMDbGvKZey1vfVT. Transactions with CarbonUnit on the market are possible only if there are 10 assets in the account. All income from the CarbonInvest node will be sent to the market for the purchase and destruction of CarbonUnit.
Our deep conviction is that everyone should contribute to the redemption of their individual carbon footprint and purchase at least 1 tCO2 (10 CarbonUnitov) by supporting the project and the development of a low-carbon economy! The cost of CarbonUnit from CarbonFund will be fixed and equal to 1.5 dollars. eq. for 1 CarbonUnit. The redemption of CarbonInvest assets by CarbonUnit will only be available from third-party holders at market prices. With us you can both earn and transfer Waves in leasing, as well as support socially significant projects! More detailed information on our website. Welcome and care about future generations! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree: