Caveman Lab WAVES Node

Pool name:
Caveman Lab Node

Address for leasing:


Payment policy:
Weekly payout currently. Paying 100% of mining rewards, plus various other tokens.

Pool Representatives:

United States

Feature voting policy:
Supports all existing features but will look at future features critically and decide case-by-case.

Other Details:
Caveman Lab is doing blockchain research and development. Exploring the possibility to build some innovative public chains and would like to integrate with WAVES. Other options would be doing dApps or blockchain gaming products.

Caveman Lab WAVES Node

Payment history:

Payout 2020/01/05

Leasers: 6
WAVES: 23.46630002
CLMT: 9582008.074124776
Time: 2020/01/05 00:00:08 (UTC)

Payout 2020/02/08

Leasers: 8
WAVES: 31.46380005
CLMT: 9582465.65011281
Time: 2020/02/09 00:00:28 (UTC)

Payout 2020/02/16

Leasers: 14
WAVES: 43.76400003
CLMT: 9582282.730625903
Time: 2020/02/16 00:00:16 (UTC)

The node has suffered a two-day downtime due to server issues. Caveman Lab has decided to add an additional node to avoid mining discontinuation in the future. This will be done in a week or two.

Payout 2020/02/23

Leasers: 15
WAVES: 175.43470007
CLMT: 9582918.694704287
Time: 2020/02/23 00:00:44 (UTC)

When will the next staking payout be made for the 2/23 staking?

Hi chessmany3k,
Thanks for your support.
Caveman Lab is currently installing a new dual node structure. The next payout will be delayed to either 3/7 or 3/14.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

New payout has been made. The dual nodes installation is almost complete so mining will be much less likely interrupted in the future. Thanks for your ongoing support!


Our second node is fully synced and in mining mode. Meanwhile our first node had some issues upgrading to 1.1.9 and had to re-sync all the blocks but is almost resolved now. With this dual-node structure the Caveman Lab Node has become more resilient.